Pulled Pork, Slow Cooked Sausages & Burgers

Yesterday was the first time I used my pellet grill to cater for my board-game group. It was the regular “Second Saturday” meet, and we had 11 people attend.

I had planned to do just bangers and burgers, the usual fare, but instead of grilling, I was going to slow cook them on “smoke” setting. This would be a bit different from what I had served before from my Weber kettle, and should also mean that when we broke for lunch, the food would all be ready.

That was the plan. While shopping in Tescos on the Friday, I saw their pork shoulders were half price. I immediately bought a couple, gave them a quick rub with spices, and put them on smoke. 10 hours later, after having let the meat rest for a while, I tried pulling the pork. Some of it pulled fine, other parts were a little firmer, so I roughly chopped it. I added back the saved juices, and mixed in some BBQ sauce, then covered and refrigerated for the night.

I wasn’t confident enough of the pulled pork (it was only my second real attempt at this, and the first had been a failure), so on the Saturday, I stuck with my smoked burgers and bangers plan, putting the pork in my oven to heat about 40 minutes before lunchtime.

Well, it was all a big success. The burgers and sausages were nicely smoked, and still juicy after the long cook. The pulled pork was wonderful, and people were queuing for it.

It is also the first time a “Second Saturday” BBQ was ready at the time I had originally said it would be.

All in all a great success.

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