Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

About the same time that I bought my Kindle, I noticed the Wii Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock full band kit was being sold by Amazon for a ridulously low price of 60 quid. I ordered a copy, on the principle that even if I decided I didn’t want it, I would easily sell it on at a profit.

I did open it up, to check everything was there, but then it sat in its box for over a month, because I was too busy to do anything with it.

Anyway, I finally set it up a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit, I am quite taken by it. The kit comes with the software, a guitar controller, a drum controller and a Logitec USB microphone.

I have actually been getting most use out of the latter, as it is something that easy to plug in and waste the odd half hour with. Although the song list that comes with GH:WoR isn’t really my cup of tea, there are a couple of gems in there; and I am up to a 93% score on REM’s Losing My Religion, which pleases me somewhat.

However, this weekend, I took a look at the drums, and was struck by something strange. I’d understood that the drum controller had midi in, but not midi out, but on spotting my kit had two MIDI sockets, I decided to Google. There is not a lot of information out there, but it seems that while earlier kits only had midi in, this one has midi out too.

For 60 quid, this is an incredible bonus. While not a Roland kit by a long way, it does feel pretty decent, and the pads have a nice bounce to them. When I get a moment, I’ll hook it up to something, and check if this is correct.

Regarding that price, I note that Amazon are now charging 160 quid for the very same kit. I am a bit puzzled by this, and have just checked back on my emails, to see if I mistook what I was charged, but it is there in black and white: £59.99.

Meanwhile, on the song front, it seems that the whole kit is also compatible with RockBand, so I have just bought the Rock Band Beatles Wii software disk for a fiver on eBay. Now I know that will have some songs I can get my teeth into!

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