The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

Following on from last weekend, I spent some time in the garden on Sunday, finally getting two of my raised beds planted up. I now have some mixed salad leaves, red onions, spring onions, and a couple of courgette plants on the way. Not nearly as much as last year, but it is a start, and there is still plenty of space to fill.

After getting the main bed planted, I turned on the soaker hose feeding that bed, and was surprised to see nothing much happen, even after a couple of hours. I knew my water butts were brimming full, so figured something had gone wrong, or got blocked, and had visions of having to vet several metres of pipe and soaker hose, much of which is buried.

Then I woke this morning with an idea. Got dressed, went downstairs and out into the garden; walked over to the second water butt – the one that is half hidden behind an old brick-built BBQ (which I now use as a gardening table). I leant over to reach behind the BBQ, and flipped the main isolation valve I fitted last year.

Simple really.

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