Sorting stuff out

My kitchen units are to be delivered next weekend, and I need to store them until they are fitted. As a result I spent all of yesterday in the garage, sorting it out.

A couple of years ago, I bought some racking to go out there, but only two racks went up at the time, as there were a a number of big items taking up space – one or two mine, but mostly stuff I had been conned into storing for friends, apparently on an non-ending basis.

Anyway, before Christmas last year, I made it clear that these items had to go, and over the last couple of months I got rid of my own junk. What was left for yesterday was the clutter, the mess, and the dirt.

By the end of the day, both my refuse and recycling wheely bins were full, everything that would fit on the racks and bench were stowed away, and what remained was shoved to the back, under the bench. After sweeping the floor, it actually looks fairly neat, with the front half of the garage completely clear.

This kills two birds with one stone – I now have somewhere to store the kitchen units, but once the kitchen is fitted, I can get the remaining racks up, and move the junk out of my box room, before I decorate it to become my new office. Using the garage for storage of items that are either heavy or need to be easily accessible, and the loft space for everything else, I am hoping my storage problems are over.

I had to be pretty brutal with what I threw out, but even so, my hand was stayed for a couple of items. I had a small stack of Dragon magazines in storage out there, which I couldn’t bring myself to throw, so I am going to see if my RPG-playing friends are interested; I did recycle most of the comics I had out there, but kept a couple of likely items to eBay, and also some graphic novels in decent condition. I unearthed a Roland MC300 MIDI sequencer (with manuals), and my old GPS (Garmin eMap), both of which seems very old-tech to me but may be worth eBaying to see what they will fetch.

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