Warm again

So here I am, once again in a warm house. My new boiler is working away in the loft, and my kitchen now has a empty wall that will eventually take 3 more much needed cupboards.

It wasn’t just a case of the old boiler taking up a bit of space on the wall – the boxing in of the pipes either side of it took up almost the entire wall, except for about 2 feet of shelves in a corner. With that all ripped out, the free space looks quite remarkable, although I now have to have my kitchen ceiling patched for the second time in just 12 months!

Anyway, I guess the next step is having the kitchen refitted.


  1. March 3, 2010

    And I bet they didn’t tell you that the boiler couldn’t *possibly* go in the loft because ‘the pipe run would be too long’…

    Good to have proper heating again, though! And good luck with your rekitchenation.

    • chris
      March 4, 2010

      I intended to get three quotes, one from a national company, and two from local people. In the end, I only got two quotes, as the national company, npower, cancelled its own appointments multiple times until I got annoyed enough to tell them to stuff it.

      Of the two local people, both seemed pretty capable, but the guy I ended up using came up with some useful suggestions. I was originally asking if it was possible to move the boiler position from the kitchen (which I have always moaned about) to the bathroom, immediately above the kitchen. It was his suggestion to put it in the loft, which I was very happy with. The layout of my roof, and direction of my eaves meant the boiler could be fixed to an outside wall and vented straight through the wall, while still being within easy reach of the loft hatch.

      • March 4, 2010

        Sounds a good layout!

        Islington’s original plans for my new boiler/kitchen were with the boiler on an outside wall in the kitchen, which would have been eminently sensible … till some twonk said the pipe run to the bathroom would be ‘too long’ (how long? Dunno), and decreed that it had to go in the hall cupboard, thus depriving me of my only useful large storage space. And also making it vent through the back of the bedroom (boxed in, I hasten to add!), and forcing me to open a cupboard door and put the light on to get at the controls. I was and remain seriously Not Amused.

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