When Skins first appeared on TV, I ignored it, figuring it to be a trashy teenie drama that I wouldn’t be interested in.

Then, because of a friend staying with me at the time, I happened to catch the last two episodes of series 2, and I actually quite liked it.

So, a few years later, now, I noticed that all 4 series (series 4 is part the way through) are now available on the web with 4OD (4 on demand), so I thought I would see what I missed.

Over the last few weeks, I have watched series 1 and 2, and thought it was pretty enjoyable. Last night I sat down to watch the first series 3 episode, and ended up turning it off.

Series 3 had a mostly new cast, with the old cast having left their 6 form college and gone their separate ways. However, my problem was not with the new cast but the new scripts. What had been a (sometimes far-fetched) drama, with funny moments had been turned into comic farce, where the show starts with a police constable taking an sticky ice-cream to the crotch; a driver of a crashed car is tricked into thinking they hit someone with a daubing of ketchup (and then conveniently pays them off, rather than wait for the police); and all the teachers are idiots (for example the teacher who accidentally farts down a live megaphone held behind his back during assembly).

Many of the actors in these scenes were in the previous series, but appeared to have had a personality transplant (or a brain removal) before the start of series 3.

I took a quick look at later episodes, but it didn’t improve. I realise that I am not the target audience for this show by a long chalk, but I still think that they kinda spoilt it by going so broad with the humour.

Oh well, time to find something else to watch.

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