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I have been doing a little bit of tidying up.

In 2004, I was kindly invited to be the British Guest of Honour at Conterpoint, the American NorthEast Filk Convention. I’d originally planned to fly out the week before the convention, and maybe stay for a few days after. However, I very quickly received many invitations to visit and stay with various people on the East Coast, and eventually my planned trip was going to last a whole month.

Wanting to keep a record, and also to keep in touch with the folk at home, I wrote a small and simple journal application, that I could easily maintain during my travels. It worked really well, most of the journal text was written and uploaded direct from my Palm, while photos were taken and uploaded from a mobile phone. When I got back, I added a further archive of photos taken on my camera.

For the last few years, the journal has been linked to from my website, but the appearance was looking decidedly dated. So I have had a little play tonight, and imported all of the posts into WordPress. You can see the full USA Tour 2004 journal here.

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