Another one to watch

There seems to be an unusual amount of watchable TV on at the moment.

No, I am not talking about “Ugly Betty” (which I am addicted to), but genre offerings such as “FlashForward”, “Defying Gravity” and “True Blood”.

I have seen pretty scathing criticisms of all of these shows, but I am still watching and enjoying them all.

Now there is another one. Tonight, on BBC1, “Paradox”: “Mysterious images that show incidents 18 hours before they happen are transmitted from space. As a space scientist attempts to explain their source, detectives race against time to change the future.…”

Hmmm, doesn’t that sound a little familiar?


  1. chris
    November 24, 2009

    Quoting the lead actress, Tamzin Outhwaite: “Initially I thought it was a sci-fi project. Then I read the script and realised it wasn’t. It’s about police officers trying to work out whether there is a worm hole between two time zones.”

    As Ansible says, ‘As Others See Us’.

  2. November 24, 2009

    Oh, that does want to go into Ansible.

    Is this a series? Just what I need, another series (NCIS, NCIS-LA, FlashForward, and the Sarah Jane Adventures). Oh, but the Sarah Jane Adventues will be ending soon, so that will free up a viewing slot.

    • November 24, 2009

      SJA has now ended. (But season 4 is in “early pre-production”, awaiting a (very likely) green light.)

  3. chris
    November 25, 2009

    OK, it seems I owe Tamzin Outhwaite a big apology.

    She was right, that wasn’t sci-fi, by any stretch of the imagination.

    Amusing, though, that the first episode of a series called Paradox did not actually contain one.

  4. November 25, 2009

    Remember I’m a week behind. The last one I downloaded (and haven’t yet watched) was #12, was that the last in the season?

  5. November 25, 2009

    Yep. Six weeks, 12 eps, thatsherlott! =:o

    11&12 get their BBC1 airings this week (Thu & Fri), then on Saturday CBBC starts repeating the whole season.

    (Useful reference page for such news: they call it an episode guide, which it isn’t; it’s an “upcoming screenings” guide.)

  6. November 25, 2009

    So was it worth watching anyway?

    • chris
      November 25, 2009

      I would say not, although others may think differently. I barely managed to sit through to the end.

      It did not bode well for a science fiction/police story, that not even the police elements were convincing, before we even got to the science fiction. In the first couple of minutes (this is not a spoiler, as it was merely introducing the characters), we see two detectives in a car, apparently on surveillance. Over the radio we hear, quite clearly:

      “All units from control, black man approaching.”

      I’m sorry, but even the Bill gets that right – “IC3 male approaching”.

      Suffice to say, it didn’t get any better.

      I happen to think they did one thing really well, at the end, but that would be a spoiler, and it didn’t involve anybody’s acting.

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