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June 1, 2008 4:25 P.M. Weight: 354.6 lbs.

Yesterday I found myself breaking my diet. I had a pizza for lunch, so I planned to have a light dinner. However, I was still hungry afterwards, so I went back to the kitchen, and then found myself snacking on cheese and biscuits even later.

When I entered the figures into the tracker, I was disappointed with myself – way over on fat, and way over on carbs.

It was only today, sitting in the garden after planting out my herb garden, that it occurred to me. I spent 2.5 hours yesterday digging and planting – which according to SYD’s calculator amounts to almost 2000 calories expended.

I feel a lot happier about it now!

Have now finished all the hard work in the garden for the moment. As well as the herb garden, I have cabbages, cauliflowers, brocolli and courgettes planted in my raised bed, and sugar snap peas, spinach beet, and beetroot in a side border. That is as well as the strawberries and tomatoes that I already had planted.

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