From Boston to Long Island

I wake up and start to get ready while Victor cooks breakfast – waffles with bacon and maple syrup, washed down with tea. Victor, Lara and myself have a relaxed breakfast, and then they help me to the station with all my luggage. The backpack I bought to take home is now in full use, so I have that, my CPAP machine and a suitcase.

We arrive in plenty of time, and have time for a soda at the station, and then I say goodbye and catch my train.

The journey from Boston to New York is pleasant enough, but completely uneventful. I arrive at New York Penn Station and find I only have 10 minutes to find the right platform for my Long Island commuter train, but I make it just in time, even with my luggage. I get off at Wantagh, and catch a cab to Dave Weingart’s. He is at work, but has left a key for me.

I relax for a while, make a cuppa, and raid Dave’s fridge for bread and cheese, as I have missed lunch. Dave turns up from work, and suggests we eat in tonight – he cooks pasta with an alfredo sauce, and we open a bottle of wine. We then go out for a drive in his car, and visit a nearby mall, where we explore various electronic and gadget shops, as well as looking into the local sports shop, where the have a 2-storey climbing wall. Needless too say, I have no desire to try it.

We head back to Dave’s and play some music and talk, over a couple of beers.

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