A Day At The Beach

Dave is at work today, so I am heading down to the beach for the day. I misread a bus timetable, which means I spend 40 minutes waiting for a service that doesn’t begin until next week – I am not the only one, as there are also two girls there, who have been waiting for the bus. When we discover our mistake, the girls give up, but I decide to carry on, and take a taxi instead.

The taxi drops me at the central mall of the beach, where there is a restaurant, so I grab a burger as an early lunch. I then explore the boardwalk, which is like an english pier in some ways, but extends along the seafront, rather than out to sea. Think of a Promenade made out of decking, and you’ll have the idea.

Jones Beach BoardwalkA really crowded beach

The boardwalk extend for two miles, and the beach a mile or so longer – I walk its entire length, and further, until I reach a nature reserve centre. Areas of the beach I have passed are fenced off, to protect the locally endangered Piping Plover. There was supposed to be an exhibit at the centre, but it does not appear to be open, so I make my way back.

It is a beautiful day, but the beach is very quiet, as the holiday season will not really start until the following week. A few visiting families and a lot of teenagers, and only two of the 6 or more beaches are officially open (i.e. have lifeguards).

I walk along the main beach and have a paddle, then sit for a while, before having a final look around the little shops there and getting a taxi back.

Dave is out tonight, as his son has a drum recital, so for dinner, I walk down to a chinese takeaway, that also has a couple of tables, for eating in. I have a superb sesame chicken, with rice and spring roll – the serving is huge, and too much for me to finish.

I return, and soon after, Dave arrives home, and we get out the guitars again, until bedtime.

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