A lazy morning, after which we drive over to the convention hotel at about midday. Check in – I have a nice suite with a separate lounge and full kitchen. Suites are more common here in the US, but to me, this is luxury.

Gary and Sheryl have committee things to do, so I have something to eat, and investigate the hotel. There is a good business centre, with two net connected PCs (which I wish I had used to update this journal, before I lost my notes), and a printer and copier.

In the front lounge there is a grand piano, which I had earlier heard the committee discuss using. I go to investigate, but there is a hand-written sign saying not to play it, so I find something else to do.

Aside from the committee, who I have had a chance to get to know over the past week or so, there are a few familiar faces – I discover Kathy Sands setting up the dealer’s room, Erica Neely is here, who I haven’t seen for ages, as is Gary McGath. There is also a chance to meet folk that I know of through the Internet, but have never met in person, amongst them Keith Lynch, Joe Kesselman, Matt Leger and Aiglet.

I bump into Persis and Talis at the reception desk and say hello. Then Spencer walks in, and I end up giving him a hand unloading the tech gear and setting up the main room.

There is a lot to do, and we have some problems, which Spencer manages to overcome before the program starts.

I discover that I have missed all but the end of the opening social, in the lounge – unlike me to miss out on free food, but I am glad I helped Spencer. Crystal asks if I am going to play the piano, and I mention the sign – she goes off to talk to the hotel, as they had agreed we could use it, and then she comes back and removes the sign in triumph. But it is now 8pm and the first item is about to begin.

Maugorn plays a delightful set of songs mostly based on a theme of fairies, including a number by Pink Floyd (actually Sid Barret, as he points out).

There follow the 2 x 10s – 3 performers each with a 2 song/10 minute performance. One of my future hosts, Judith Hayman, has a spot, and her husband, Dave, spots me and gives a wave.

There were two themed circles in the main program. Jordan started off with a circle based on “Science and Scientists”, which I managed to sneak in my “BrundleFly” (“A man called Seth Brundle turned into fly, He didn’t know why…”)

I then lead a circle about songs inspired by movies, which was very productive, with movie filks continuing long after we opened the circle up to open filking.

The circle continues until past 2am, when I decide to go to bed.

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