A day in Rockville

A day of rest, before the convention. I run through the set, and make some changes to it, as I have just written a new song that will be a good set-opener.

Later i the morning, I make some changes to this journal, so each entry appears as a seperate page. I’m only on the 9th entry now, and the “one page” format is already getting unwieldy.

For lunch, I take the bus down to the local mall – The Washingtonian Centre – which I have passed each day on the way to the Metro. I find a place called “Joe’s Crab Shack” and order clam chowder, followed by their crab cake dinner. I skip desert, as I am aware we are going out to dinner tonight.

During my shopping expeditions, two of the things I have been looking to buy is a decent hat for the sun – however, I don’t want a cap, but a soft rimmed hat – the kind I think of as a fishermans hat; and a small backpack.

Up to now, I haven’t seen what I was looking for on either front. What I didn’t know was that, for the last 5 days, the bus taking me to the Metro was driving past the biggest sports and hunting store I have seen – Galyons. I get the hat, and discover “Camel Hump” backpacks – a range of backpacks with an integrated insulated drink reservoir and drink tube. Just the thing for walking, and unlike anything I have seen in the UK.

I look round the other stores, and head back, for another set run-through, as Sheryl gets home from work. A little while later, Steve arrives with Gary, and drive to a restaurant where Crystal is already waiting with Jordan Mann. Jordan and I haven’t met before, but we hit it off well. I order a cheese-stuffed pretzel for starters, and follow with the restaurant’s fish special – I didn’t catch the name, but it was similar to swordfish.

Gary has a beer, which pursuades me to do the same. Later, when the others have desert, I have my third beer.

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