Puppies and Kittens save Parliament

Amused today on reading about Liz Truss’s private members’ bill that seeks to enshrine the legal definition of sex as biological, essentially banning schools from recognising transitioning students.

That in itself is not amusing. What is amusing is that Truss’s bill is third on the list. First on the list is an animal welfare bill, restricting the age of importing animals, specifically importing puppies and kittens.

It appears that the opposition parties feel that this needs to be discussed in great detail. According to the Guardian, “One spoke for half an hour, and another started going on about his pet cat.” The debate was scheduled to start at 10am, and it is still continuing.

The currently speaking member has finished talking about the current bill, but has moved on to other animal welfare legislation he would like to see.

Oh dear. As I type, the Deputy Speaker has pointed out the subject matter, and asks that members restrict themselves to the import of puppies and kittens.

At which point the member apologised, then finished by talking about his local pet show.

…. I now also know James Wild – a Conservative MP – has an adopted cat called Hettie, as he has just told us about her. So the talking out isn’t just by the Opposition. Apart from Kemi Badenoch, Truss appears to not have many friends.

And apparently ferrets are also covered in the bill, but it has been pointed out that while we have heard from many members about puppies and kittens, they haven’t heard many examples concerning ferrets. Perhaps someone could remedy that. 🤣

I think they need to keep this going until 3pm. Of course, there is another bill after this – “Public Procurement (British Goods and Services) Bill: Second Reading”. So I have hopes that Truss’s bill won’t make it today. At which point it goes to the back of the queue.

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