Katie’s Posh Crate

When Katie first arrived last year, I bought her a crate to sleep in. Being an ex-show dog, she was used to a crate, and I decided to keep up the practice.

The crate I bought turned out to be a minor disaster. It is a nice piece of furniture, and seemed comfy inside. Unfortunately, she was nervous and ended up peeing and pooing on the first night.

Unlike a conventional crate, this one didn’t come with a bottom tray, so I ended up crawling half way into a very smelly crate to clean it. It was either that or disassemble it.

Anyway, that put me off the crate, and it got replaced with a convention wire crate, which I later bought some wood cladding for. This looked good, but fell apart whenever you tried to move it.

A year later, I can’t remember the last time Katie has pee’d or poo’d indoors. For the last few days, I closed her wire crate, and put out the posh one for her to try. She seems completely happy with it.

So today, I removed the wire crate completely and replaced it with the posh one. It is nice and solid, I can move it to vacuum without it falling apart and Katie seems to like it now.

Her food bowl and Beagle-Cam are fitted now, the latter giving a good view of the inside of the crate. Handy for when I want to check on her while in bed.

At the moment, she is sleeping on fleece blankets, but I have a garden bench cushion on order, which looks the right size. Let’s hope she doesn’t destroy it.

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