New Toy: Zoom Q8 Handy Video Camera

Not planning any live performances, as my hand isn’t sound enough to be reliable. But I’d like to get some of my recent compositions recorded, and also I want to do some video for Food Adventure

So, after experimenting with one or two cheaper solutions that just annoyed me, I have gone for this. A Zoom Q8 Video Camera. I picked it up second hand, but in excellent condition.

○ Capable of recording 1080p HD video (actually has a resolution higher than that, as well).
○ Only capable of 720p streaming/webcam, but that doesn’t bother me too much.
○ Comes with a detachable X/Y stereo microphone that is compatible with my Zoom H6 audio recorder, so it can also use microphones from that (although the H6 microphones are notably heavier)
○ Also has 2 XLR/TLS sockets on the back, allowing recording via the X/Y microphones and two other sound sources, perhaps a vocal microphone and a guitar pickup. All with independent volume controls.
○ Flip-out touch screen, which can also face forwards, making self-recording easier.

It is also very pocket-friendly – the microphone can fold down in line with the camera to make it easy to carry. So I may be taking it out and about with me.

I’ve had it since Monday, and have only experimented with it, so far, but the quality of picture is good, and the sound is superb, as good as my H6.


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