Posh Games at Hereward Wargames Show

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Had much fun today running the Posh Games table at the Hereward Wargames Show. We were only one of about 3 tables involved with board games, but we were made very welcome, and quite a few people stopped and chatted to us. I think part of this was the choice of games we had made – three of us had each brought a whole bag of games with us, but for most of the day we had “Memoir ’44” and “Command and Colours: Ancients” on the table – two very much war-oriented games.

I also had lots of fun going round taking 360° pictures of the main hall, and chatting to the guys on each table (I believe in always asking “may I take a picture” – it is polite, but also a good icebreaker). I spent quite a bit of time answering the “what on earth is that” questions aimed at the Theta camera, and smiling at the incredulity that a camera taking one-click 360° pictures is pocketable, and retails for under 300 quid. I reckon there are going to be at least two people going onto Amazon next week!

Anyway, I have a pile of pictures, but was too tired to do anything with them tonight. I said to Mike that I can look into trying to do a “walk-through” of the hall, but that is new territory for me – I know it is possible, but need to research it.

Early night for me now, it’s been a fun, but tiring, day.

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