Month: March 2016

March 28, 2016
Wanting some short comedy before bedtime last night, I discovered “Laid” on Netflix, which proved to be so delightful, I spent the next 2 hours binge-watching it.

It is an Australian comedy about a woman who discovers that a several of her past lovers have died – in unrelated and unexpected ways – and looks for a pattern.

March 8, 2016
Last week I wrote about the exorbitant price of CPAP masks, and sourcing cheaper options.

Having tried my new mask for a few nights, I declared it a success, and decided to buy a couple more, to put away. However, by this time, the eBay seller had sold their stock.

March 2, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, my CPAP mask broke unexpectedly. Having said that, it is something I wear every night, and it is subject to being squashed between my face and a pillow quite often, so it is going to break sooner or later.

I usually have a spare mask to hand, but in this case, I didn’t. However, I had a old mask that was only slightly broken – unlike my more recent mask, it worked well once it was on, but it had a tendancy to fall apart when taking it off or putting it on. But it would do for now.