Not Marvelous.

When something happens that you find irritating, it is even more irritating if, when you think about it, it shouldn’t really be irritating.

Yesterday, I needed to make a quick trip to B&Q, my local DIY store. While there, my eye was caught by some cheap printed canvases – the one I liked was filled with various (reduced-sizes) classic Marvel comic covers. I thought it might be ideal to decorate my office. I am more of a Marval man than DC, but they also had the *exact* equivalent of the DC comics; they were 20 quid each, and I decided they would look great side by side.

When I went to unwrap them at home, I saw the Marval one had the top crossbar broken – it had been held straight by the packaging, so I hadn’t noticed.

So today, I went back, receipt in hand, for a replacement. Which I got.

The irritation is that this the broken bits has obviously been an issue, as all of their stock of the Marval canvases are now no longer just cloth stretched over frame, but have a black plastic frame around them.

Which means my two canvases no longer match. That’s irritating


  1. Alan Braggins
    May 19, 2014

    Is there new matching DC stock? If so, I’d try asking if you can swap that to match the replacement.

    • chris
      May 19, 2014

      Turns out even worse that I thought. When I got it home and looked under the plastic, it isn’t even printed canvas. It is just a poster in a frame.

      It’s going back tomorrow, as the display clearly said “canvas”, as did my receipt. I’ll possibly return both of them; as although the DC one is ok, I bought them with the intention of having a pair.

  2. chris
    May 20, 2014

    Took them both back tonight, and got my money back. The had no issue with my returning them, although they had a bit of a problem processing the return, as the guy who organised the replacement didn’t scan and rescan the return and the replacement. Which meant what I was returning wasn’t what was on the receipt.

    But they sorted it in the end.

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