Deeping Lakes

With my regular walking places being Ferry Meadows (Nene Park) and Bourne Woods, I sometimes forget I have Deeping Lakes Nature Reserve practically on my doorstep. 180 acres of flooded gravel pits is not easily missed; but it is primarily a nature reserve, and only a narrow part of it is open to the public.

Having said that, it has good parking, and a pleasant walking route along the south bank of the main lake, and then looping back along the River Welland. The walk itself is only about a mile long, but there is plenty to see, with benches and bird hides along the way.




  1. October 4, 2013

    It looks lovely! Is that “Welland” the same as Weland the Smith?

    • chris
      October 4, 2013

      Not that I am aware of. According to Wikipedia, it started out, in Old English, as Weolud.

      It is quite a significant river in these parts (East of England), running through low-lying land (part of it being the Fens – marshes that were drained for agriculture in the 18th century), so frequently bordered on both sides by enbankments.

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