I’m looking at the man in the mirror

It seems that I have reached another milestone in my life – a time where I now shave, even if I don’t need to.

I’ve never been fond of shaving – I don’t get on with electric shavers (despite having tried a few), and I used to cut myself to ribbons, even with a safety razor; although the modern razors have improved this a lot.

At the same time, I don’t particularly like myself with a full beard.

So for as long as I remember, I have been in the habit of shaving to go to work, or for special occasions, and otherwise just letting the stubble grow. I found this actually meant that when I did shave, I got a better shave, with less cuts.

In the old days, that more or less meant shaving 5 days a week, and not shaving at weekends. However, for the past decade or more, I have mostly worked from home, which means weeks might go by before I either have to shave for a customer visit or a meal out, or to the point where it simply gets too scruffy.

That has changed recently, with the greying of the beard. My grey hair and sideburns have never bothered me, nor did the first flecks of white in my beard. But more recently when I stop shaving, I look less like scruffy 50-something, and more like beardy homeless guy. Which is why I have found myself looking in the mirror and thinking “I can’t go to the shops like this, I’ll have to shave first”.

If it carries on like this, I might even start combing my hair.

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