I tawt I ‘eard a tweety bird

Feeling very foolish.

Last year, round about spring time, I thought birds had somehow gotten into the front wall of my house and nested. At times, I could clearly hear movement, and cheeping; right behind where I normally sit, in the bay window. I searched high and low for how they could get to where they were – it seemed a bit extreme. I wondered if it was a single chick that had fallen down from above (occasionally birds get into my loft), and half expected it to die, but it continued for several weeks, which made me think it was getting fed.

The problem was the sound was very sporadic, which mean I was frequently standing in my lounge or front garden, waiting to hear a cheep that never came. I’ve examined air bricks, I’ve examined the felt roof of the bay window, I’ve examined the leading – anywhere they could get in.

Anyway, after a month, the noise disappeared, and I figured the chick(s) had either died, or – as there was no smell – got out and flown away.

But it’s Spring again – about 3 weeks ago, it started, and in the last week or so, it has been with a vengeance. What made it worse is that I have some cracked plaster in that area, which I had assumed was just cracked plaster; but when you hear noises as well…

However, tonight it has been a continuous cheeping sound, which meant I could work out exactly where it was coming from, even though it is now dark outside. To my puzzlement, it was not coming from the wall, as I had thought; but from my uPVC double glazing. Had birds somehow managed to get into the frame? Raising the blinds, to see how I might unscrew something to get a better look, I looked outside. It is blowing a gale, and I could see something moving in the wind.

Just outside my window there is a rose bush. I normally keep it clipped just under the line of the window, but in spring it gets a spurt, and I haven’t done any gardening this month. Going outside, the stem and foilage are rustling against the uPVC window ledge; and, in the wind, the thorns are scraping along the plastic, going “cheep-cheep”. That is reverborating through the whole frame.

A quick prune, and it all stopped.

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