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I’ve never been interested in Tennis, but the Ladies and Men’s Wimbledon finals are being broadcast in 3D on BBC HD this weekend. I had set up my box to record them, as I was going to show it off to my brother when he visits in a couple of weekends. As it happens, our plans have changed, and I am visiting him instead. But I’d forgotten about Wimbledon, until I noticed the box was recording.

I have to say, it does look pretty good. The 3D effect is very natural, and conducive to watching. My only criticism is the score at the top, which is “popped” out of the screen. If this was only up there in between games, it would be ok, but having it there all the time is totally distracting and unnecessary.

On a smaller scale, my town is having a summer fair and boot sale today, and I took a walk round with my 3D blogger. In particular, I sat and recorded a couple of songs played by the teenage band on the stage. Very impressive band, with a good taste in music for their age – including a very good version of the Kinks “You Really Got Me”.

I won’t share the video here, as I don’t know the kids involved – I shot it just for practice, and have since deleted it. But I definitely feel the “outside concert” gains from the 3D, and the picture was practically as good as anything I have seen with pro kit. This demonstrates to me that my earlier disappointments indoors are all down to lighting.

I’ll be taking my camera to Malsway Manor, and may shoot some video there, if the performers are happy, and the lighting is suitable.

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