Sleepweaver Elan

A while back I posted about the Sleepweaver, a new kind of cloth CPAP mask. I definitely found it interesting, but gave up using it for two reasons. Firstly, there is only one size, and I found it a little small, although that didn’t stop it working. Secondly, I prefer to have my CPAP hose go up and over my headboard, rather than down along my body and to the side. With the Sleepweaver, this wasn’t really possible.

However, I found it extremely comfortable, and wanted to see it developed, passing on my opinions to the UK sellers of the mask.

I don’t think my response is the cause of this, but there is now a new mask added to the range, the Sleepweaver Elan. This comes in two sizes, and includes a swivel mechanism, allowing it to point upwards.

I have ordered one to see how much of an improvement it will be for me, I am expecting to be pleased with it. Stocks are not yet in the country, expected in July.

This does mean I have one of the old-style Sleepweaver masks available, should anyone want to try it. Although I wouldn’t normally suggest re-using someone else’s mask, this has only had light use, and – being cloth – is handwashable. It is also too expensive to simply throw away (although I don’t want anything for it). Shout if you are interested.

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