Plastic bags: joined up thinking

The subject of a levy on disposable plastic carrier bags has come up again, in an attempt to reduce the number used. The Scottish Parliament is planning a consultation on the idea of a 5p tax per bag. Cameron would like to follow suit, but has been blocked by the treasury, who think it might be seen as an attack on the common people.

One idea that has been raised to balance the idea of a “carrier tax” is that all funds raised be given to charity.

I am actually sympathetic to the idea of a levy on plastic carrier bag, even though I occasionally use them myself. I do have several long-use shopping bags, and I always try to keep a couple in the car. However, sometimes I get caught out, and have to use a plastic carrier.

However, I am particularly pleased that they are considering charities, as perhaps while they are at it, they can talk to them about something else. Yes, that’s right, the endless stream of charity collection bags that seem to drop through my letterbox every day. They are all at it now, and I know I receive far more of these than carrier bags, and I didn’t even ask for them!

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