Garden Update

Managed to do quite a bit in the garden today. The plan was to do it yesterday, and perhaps head over to see today, but Saturday got rained off.

Anyway, the garden is now looking a bit tidier. Several weeds had started in my gravel area, but they were easy to pull up, thanks to the area being membraned. I made a start on clearing my herb garden, and cleared out all of the nettles and weeds – the next task is to cut my marjoram right back, as it has taken over. It keeps doing this, so I am thinking of digging it up completely, and transplanting a small piece into a separate pot.

I podded some more broadbeans, which I am probably going to have some of for my tea with some broccoli and noodles. I have a lot of broccoli on my hands at the moment, as it started to flower, so I cut the remaining heads – it is still very tasty, once sprouted, but if I left it longer, it would go to seed. Now I have cut the heads off, the broccoli plants should form side shoots – broccoli spears.

The sugar snap peas are in flower, so I should have peas soon.

A week or so ago, I thinned out my pear tree, reducing each group of 4-5 fruit to the 2 strongest ones. This ensures good-sized fruit, and is already paying off – the pears are plumping up nicely.

So while all this rain has been a pain, it is definitely benefiting the garden!

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