Sky: Sad Men

I was somewhat uplifted to hear that Mad Men was not doing very well on Sky Atlantic – viewing figures are down to 47,000, from 255,000 when it was shown on BBC4. According to some sources, this means the show is costing Sky £5 per viewer.

I enjoyed the first four series of Mad Men on the BBC, and was annoyed when I heard Sky had poached it, just as they did with Lost (from Channel 4) and numerous other programmes. I guess they think that by outbidding an open broadcast channel for an established show, they will attract the fan base and get new subscribers. I’m pleased to observe that it doesn’t seem to have worked. Like me, I am sure many folk will simply wait for it to come out as a boxed set, and watch it at their leisure, knowing the cost of the series will probably be less than one month’s subscription to Sky. And that isn’t even considering a possible eBay resale after you’ve watched it!

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