The final key

I have a Casio AP60R electric piano. It isn’t the best electric piano in the world (although it ain’t bad), and it is getting on a bit, but I like it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was moving a heavy object, and it slipped out of my hand, down onto the keyboard. Thankfully, only one key was broken, but it was pretty thoroughly smashed.

I spoke to a chap who had done a previous repair for me – a blown (internal) power supply – but he said it was too old for the parts to be available any more, and I’d best get out the glue pot. I probably won’t use him for anything more in the future, as with some perserverance, I managed to source a new key, for just 12 quid. The company that supplied it could have done the whole repair for me, but it would have meant shipping the keyboard down to Swindon and back. Yes, I know there are folk I know who live that way, but it would still have been a job. This isn’t a portable keyboard, it is a piece of furniture.

Anyway, the key arrived today, and I’ve managed to download a service manual for the piano, and it doesn’t look like an impossible job. So sometime this week, I think I’ll have a go.

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