Moffat muffs it

When I saw the laughable Doctor Who Christmas Special, one of my first thoughts was “oh well, Moffat must be spending his time on the new series of Sherlock.

However, having just caught the first episode of series 2 – “A Scandal In Belgravia” – on iPlayer, this is apparently not the case.

[Spoilers follow]
I mean – Irene Adler, a dominatrix?

Irene Adler – one of the few characters to have bested Holmes in the original novels- tricked by him, and later needing saving by him?

Irene Adler – needing advice from Moriarty, and doing his bidding for him?


Also what was this about Watson being embarrassed by the presence of a naked woman? I realise his doctoring was mostly done in the army, but as the series is set in the current day, one would expect him to see his share of naked bods of both sexes!

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