Strictly Come Dancing 3D

I don’t follow Strictly Come Dancing, so although I knew it was the final tonight, it had no interest for me.

However, tuning on my TV just before 7, and flicking through the channel guide, I saw that as well as broadcasting on Freeview on BBC1 and BBC1HD, they were also showing it on the generic BBCHD channel in 3D.

This is of interest to me. I have had a 3D TV for a little while now, and other than a small number of Blu-Ray disks, there is little 3D content. Thankfully, I didn’t buy the set just for 3D (I was buying a TV anyway), but it would be nice to get some use out of it.

I’d read that it was questionable that Freeview would have any regular 3D content at all in the foreseeable future – there had been some broadcasted during Wimbledon. It had been mooted for the Olympics, but the last I had heard there was still a question mark over it.

However, without that much fanfare, here it is, on the BBC. They are broadcasting in side-by-side mode, which my TV converts into 3D without any problem. Because of this, it is less than HD, of course, but the picture is as good as any Freeview picture I have seen. The actual 3D is a little bit extreme, in my opinion – they have gone for a spectacle, rather than realism – but it is smooth and watchable – or it would be, if I liked the show.

Well done BBC!

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