Kindle – I’ve Got It Covered

I’ve been making good use of my Kindle since I got it, in particularly reading successive Dresden Files novels.

I think Amazon should actually give this device away – it makes it so easy to buy another book.

Anyway, in an earlier post, I was wondering whether to get a cover or not, and in the end, I decided to go for it. Part of this was to protect the Kindle, part of it was that although I love it, I sometimes found it awkward to hold. Perhaps I have simply got big hands, but I found it very easy to accidently press a button while holding it, especially the page forward button on the LH side. I’ve since adapted a grip which avoids this, but it is something I have to remind myself about.

However, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a cover that I then found I didn’t like. In the end, I found this one, which is available on Amazon, although I picked mine up off eBay.

The Kindle fits nice and snug, and is firmly held in place by a velcro tab. There is complete access to all the buttons and keys, and even cutouts in the back for the speakers.

The moment that I held the covered Kindle, I was happy. My hand falls into exactly the same position as it would to read a book – supporting it from behind, with my thumb on the front, over the base of the inner joint. It feels completely natural. Although the tip of my thumb is on the Kindle, supporting it, no part of my grip is anywhere near that page forward button.

It also folds back easily, but as I don’t read books like that, I doubt that I will be doing that much!

The cover probably doubles the thickness of the Kindle, but it is still no more than a small book.

All in all, very nice for 15 quid (22 quid from Amazon).


  1. April 14, 2011

    Rumour has it that the price drop for the Kindle is such that they *might* be giving it away to Amazon Prime members this Xmas.

    • chris
      April 14, 2011

      Ah, but wouldn’t that eat into the profits of their latest venture in the States, the “Kindle With Offers” – sells for 25 dollars less than the wifi-only, but the user gets sponsored adverts on their screensave and home page.

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