Not my chums!

A rant, I’m afraid, and a warning of incompetance.

For a few years now, I have used, who sell clothes for the larger man.

I don’t buy a lot from them, but they do a cargo pant which I particularly like – it is inexpensive, comfortable and 100% cotton. As a result, I tend to buy 3 or 4 pairs at a time, and wear them until they wear out.

Back in November, I ordered 3 pairs of Navy, in my size. Their website showed them as being in stock.

As we approached Christmas, I realised they hadn’t arrived, so I contacted them. I was told they had been out of stock, but would be in “on Monday” and would be despatched immediately.

They didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, so I wore my old pants instead. I contacted them again 2 days ago and asked where they were, to be told they were still waiting for them to come into stock, and would probably be in in February.

So I had a little rant at them, and pointed out that their website still had them as “in stock”. Yesterday, from their reply, I realised it was the specific colour/size combination that they didn’t have. “Why didn’t they tell me that,” I thought, and asked them what was in stock. I then asked them to change 3 pairs of Navy to 2 pairs of Charcoal and 1 pair of Sand, which they acknowledged.

Today they delivered… 3 pairs of Lovat – a sick inducing green – with a note saying because of the unexpected demand of the Navy they were out of stock. “Rather than disappoint you, were are sending you this alternative item which we are sure you will like.”

You can probably guess my response!

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