Year: 2010

November 5, 2010
I missed this film when it was doing the rounds, which is a shame because it looked good.

It very quickly got discounted as a DVD, I picked up my copy in Tescos, for a fiver. That didn’t seem to be a good sign.

October 12, 2010
This film has been getting quite a bit of advertising on British TV. However, it does look to be a fun romp, and I am quite looking forward to seeing Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren hamming it up as ex-spies: Retired, Extremely Dangerous.

Not to mention that it also has Mary-Louise Parker, which can’t be bad!

October 7, 2010
October 3, 2010
Early last month, I was talking about various layouts I was thinking of for my lounge.

One of the layouts used the smaller part of my lounge, that had formerly been the dining area as a TV snug. This appealed to me, as most of the time, it is only me (or at most 2 people) watching TV – if I have people round, the TV is normally off.

October 2, 2010
September 29, 2010
After lunch, I wasn’t feeling too bad, and it was quite a nice day, so I thought I would take a look at the grill.

I got it assembled without too many problems. Noticed a couple of spots that need touching up with paint, but nothing horrendous. These grills are basically ex-demo – they have never been cooked on, but they have been standing around, and to be honest, I expected more dings than there are. Of course, that is what got me the superb price, and I won’t obsess about scratching/denting my new toy, because it comes already christened. This is good – with my Weber kettle, I’ve been wanting to fit a dome thermometer for a couple of years, but couldn’t bring myself to drill the shiny new(ish) thing. With this, I’ll have no hesitation about making any minor changes I think of.

September 28, 2010
Having postponed my trip down to Kent on Friday, due to being ill, I decided to give it a go yesterday, as I was feeling a little better.

Ashford looks a lot closer on the map, than it is – 3 hours drive there, and 3 hours back. But it was mostly motorway, and easy driving. Having got on the road just belfore 11am, I arrived at the American BBQ Company just after 2, and Jackie had my new pellet grill out ready to show me. It is mostly preassembled, all I have to do is fix the pellet hopper to the BBQ unit (4 bolts), and fix on the chimney (4 bolts) and I am ready.

September 28, 2010
September 26, 2010
September 23, 2010
So here I am, halfway through the first week of my vacation, with a streaming cold, coughing and sneezing. The reason I am typing this at half-two in the morning, is that I have spent most of today snoozing on the sofa, so I am waiting to feel tired again.

The holiday started well – went down to visit and provide a support act for her house-concert. The concert went very well, everyone seemed to have a good time, and I got some really nice comments about my mini-set.

September 16, 2010