Christmas Eve – Smokin’

I’m at friends for Christmas Day, but a man’s got to eat on Boxing Day, so I have the smoker going today, cooking some stuff to have cold over the next few days. I’ll have friends popping in on odd days over the holiday, so I thought I would do something special.

First up is a Turkey Crown that I got reduced from Tescos. I’ve removed the skin completely, wiped it with a thin layer of butter, then covered it completely with a new “skin” of good quality unsmoked streaky bacon. It’s then gone into the smoker on low, to cook throughout the day.

5399-beef_spiced-3-262Second is a silverside beef joint from Riverfords which has been spiced with brown sugar, sea salt, allspice, juniper, and nutmeg. I am not smoking that, as I I think that would be gilding the lily – it’s simply in a casserole dish with a little water, to cook long and slow. However, why turn on the oven, when the smoker’s going to be on all day? The smoker temp is slightly lower than I would normally cook the beef, but it can just stay in longer, and will probably be better for it.

Once cooked, the beef joint will be pressed under a plate and tightly wrapped before refrigeration, which should make it good for slicing thinly.

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