WordPress-LJ Crosspost Bug

My last post contained a large picture which was not hidden behind a cut, and so it inflicted itself across my LJ friend’s friends list.

Apologies for this, but it was not intentional – as a result I have just unearthed a bug in my bespoke WordPress code. I haven’t fixed it, but knowing it is there should prevent this happening again.

I have two cut tags available to me in WordPress. The traditional “more” tag is the WordPress equivalent to “lj-cut”, and results in the post being cut in WordPress, just as it is in LiveJournal – it is translated into “lj-cut” by my LJ crossposter. However, I also have a bespoke (i.e. written by me) specific “lj-cut” tag, which I use if I want the full article to appear on my own website, but have it truncated in LJ, to protect your friends lists.

In WordPress, you can either edit in HTML mode or in Visual mode, the latter shows the editing page as it would appear when posted, complete with images. I almost always use the HTML mode, as it is quicker to use, and makes more sense to me. However, I do switch into Visual if I want to change an image size.

This is what I did yesterday, I edited and posted from HTML mode, complete with an lj-cut before the picture. I then thought the picture too big, went into edit mode, and switched to Visual to change the image size.

It seems that doing so loses the “lj-cut” tag from the posting, probably because it is a bespoke tag and no understood by the Visual mode parser.

I’ll keep an eye open for this in the future, so hopefully it won’t happen again.


  1. August 10, 2010

    Yup, technology has simplified our lives *so* much. [SWIGS DOWN A COUPLE MORE IBUPROFEN]. =:o

    • chris
      August 10, 2010

      Aside from this bug (in my own code, not WordPress), it is all kind of simple for me, surprisingly so. I get to display my content in a manner I want to, on my own webpage, while being able to automatically share it here in a format more suitable for LJ.

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