Pulled Pork II

No, I haven’t been cooking again, am going to a BBQ on Sunday, and that will be plenty enough for me this weekend.

But I did pop in to my local butcher’s today, which is run by the local pork farm, and asked about the specific cut of meat that the pulled pork recipe I have asks for. In the States, it seems to be called a “Boston Butt”, but I described it to my butcher as a “bone-in blade shoulder of pork, 4-5lb approx.”

He confirmed that they could do that, no problem (as I expected), but to ask for it about 5 days in advance (which was what I was really asking).

So I can now file that information away for the next likely occassion – probably another board game session.

On the subject of this post, about the wireless meat probe, it arrived yesterday, and looks terrific. While the box shows signs of having been stored somewhere for a while, inside, all the components were still in their original plastic wrap. Only the rather well thumbed instructions have ever been opened. Of course, the boston butt is just the cut of meat that will benefit from this little gadget, so I am looking forward to giving it a try sometime.

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