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Google images has changed, at least in the UK (it is likely it has been this way in the US for a while). Loading of a page of images in response to a search seems much quicker, the appearance of the page is nice and clean, and when you click on an image the way it shows both the picture itself and the webpage it is from is greatly improved in layout.

I really do like it.


  1. July 27, 2010


    Oh great. =:o{ So now I can’t see which site any of the links points to without mousing over it. Cue another monster bout of RSI…

    And there doesn’t seem to be any option allowing you to switch back to the old “show me info about the pics as well as the pics themselves” style. =:o{

    One of my regular uses of image search is to find not just one isolated picture, but a site that has a set of related pictures and therefore might also have lots more slightly less obviously related pictures. E.g. a search for “Hermione” will get you plenty of single pics of Emma Watson, mostly from newspaper reports about the HP movies; Only by looking at the URLs will you be able to spot the promising looking general HP photo site, and that has just got a lot harder.

    I can see that the new style will be helpful to a lot of people, and certainly would be a useful *option* to add to how Google images works… but when will people companies/learn not to throw away the baby out with the bathwater?!?

    Of course, Google doesn’t provide anything remotely resembling a “tell us what you think” link… =:o

    • July 27, 2010

      And have you seen what they (as in Yahoo/flickr, not Google) are doing to flickr? Ghastly. They *have* got a forum up for ‘discussion’ but though a lot of people are complaining, the attitude still appears to be ‘well, we thought it was nice, so we’re going to go with what we’ve decided’. *sigh*

    • July 27, 2010

      I agree. While it is good in some ways I really want to see the sites so that I can eliminate the ones which are likely to be not what I want (any saying ‘fakecelebs’ or similar for a start).

      Similarly, puttng masses on one ‘page’ is fine if you want it, but I want to know how many there are likely to be not have to scoll down to the bottom.

      Good and bad, and no way to revert…

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