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Earlier this year, I moved to a joint phone and broadband service with Opal. The service has been good, and I had no complaints, until today.

A couple of times when I have come back from a weekend away, I have been surprised to find there were no messages on my answer machine. However, I didn’t give it any thought.

Today, I left a message for someone, expecting them to call back. As I needed to go out, I thought I would check my answer machine was working. The phone rang 4 times, then stopped, before the answer machine picked up. Instead, I found myself talking to voice mail.

The Opal customer service person didn’t get that the thing I was annoyed at wasn’t the voicemail system itself, but that I had not been told about it, nor how to access it. I then had to stop him stopping the unwanted service there and then, as I pointed out that there were possibly a couple of months of missed calls there.

As it happens, there weren’t that many, and they are now ending the service for me. Normal service will soon be resumed.

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