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Before I got the boiler moved to the loft, I had a new hatch and ladder installed by the Attic and Loft Company.

Now they have just finished stage 2 of the job, having reinsulated and boarded the entire loft. As a result, I now have 36 square metres of empty storage space.

Of course, this is a little silly – I didn’t need to board the entire loft. However the difference between doing half and the whole thing wasn’t that much, and it does make it look nice and clean, especially with the fluorescents they have fitted, too.

However, I am not going to start putting anything up there yet. Anything going in the loft is going to be checked against a “do I really need to keep this” list. The idea is to rationalise my storage, not just move it from A to B.


  1. June 4, 2010

    Hmm. I wonder if there’s anywhere like that that covers Wiltshire?

    • chris
      June 4, 2010

      It might be worth asking them. Although it looks like Wiltshire is just out of their area, their website does say they cover Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, which surrounds you on two sides. The worst they could say is no.

      Their website has prices per m2 for each item, but to give you an idea of costs, I had a new larger hatch installed, and a wooden folding ladder that is good up to 330lbs – I feel quite secure on it. That cost 580 quid. Today’s work came to 1400 quid, which included rockwool insulation, Solarguard, boarding and fitting two fluorescent lights.

      It sounds a bit extravagant, but I should gain on heating in the winter, and it is going to free up my boxroom from storage. Once that is done, my office moves in there, which will let me decorate my present office as a guest bedroom – as it is the original master bedroom, this will give me a lot of options.

      You see, there is a master plan!

      A bright idea they came up with was to take up half of my existing insulation, and place it over the other half, doubling it up. They then replaced the half they removed with new (thicker) insulation. Thus I only had to pay for half the m2 of insulation.

  2. June 4, 2010

    I know you’d need to cover Wiltshire to store your entire collection, but it might get a tad expensive.

  3. June 4, 2010

    Have you considered the Civil Service solution? Create some “virtual storage” by sending parts of your collection out to other “offices” (fannish abodes) in envelopes/packages, with an inner envelope/package inside addressed to [CHEZ NYROND], and labelled “please return when convenient, no rush”.

    Use the cheapest (and thus conveniently slowest) possible postage rate, of course. =:o}

    That was famously how MAFF survived the delayed arrival of their intended “temporary storage facility” (portacabin) during a reorganisation of the Guildford site in the early ’80s. (They used the civil service internal mail system, of course.)

  4. June 4, 2010

    Their website say they offer incentives for referrals so we may be in touch with you to get a referral at some point.

    • chris
      June 5, 2010

      Excellent point, many thanks.

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