On the road again

Car went in for service and MOT today. I heard nothing during the day, which – on previous experience – I considered ominous.

In the end, my nerve cracked, and I called them at 4pm, to be told “We’ve just finished, and it’s ready for collection”.

Walked over there and was told “Yes, we could see what you meant about the judder, but we went ahead with the service, changed the spark plugs and fuel filters and cleaned the fuel line; and the problem seems to have gone. It’s passed the MOT, and we think it is fine, now, but if you have any further problems, give us a call”.

In the end the service and MOT cost me just 200 quid, and the car is humming like a well oiled machine – which I guess it is.

So with any luck, it *is* going to reach its 10th birthday next year.


  1. June 16, 2010

    Yay vehicle-age! =:o>

    I wanna vehicle. But first I need a place to go… Oh, and an extra grand a year income. =:o

  2. June 16, 2010

    Mine’s going in for its MoT & Service on Friday. *crosses fingers*. It is, however, now 17 years old. Seems hardly credible, but it is a K (prefix) registration!

    • chris
      June 16, 2010

      My Scenic was originally my company car (2001 reg). After the 3 years normal for company leasing, Renault Finance offered it to me to buy, and after some negotiation, it was mine. I’d worked out that I ran it for another year and a bit, it would pay for itself (as I was now taking money in leiu of a company car), and anything over that was extra.

      That was 7 years ago. The slightly worrying thing (for me) was that in all that time I had been carefully putting away my “pay in leiu of a car” against the day I would have to replace it. Recently, as it seemed to be running fine, I decided to spend my “car fund” on my new kitchen. Thus it seemed like sod’s law that the moment I’d committed the money to my kitchen, the car looked like it might need replacing.

      As it happens, it seems like I worried for nothing, as it is running fine again.

  3. June 16, 2010

    I bought mine in the summer of ’95, when it was just two years old, thanks to a very generous trade-in offer by the garage on my old Metro and a gift of £1000 from my parents (who’d decided to give me and my sisters all the money they would otherwise have spent on a foreign holiday, as by then Dad wasn’t coping as well with them, and Mum wasn’t up to coping with the travel *and* Dad!). I had to finance half of it, which took me several years to pay off, including worrying one when I was unemployed! But it keeps going, despite the odd rattle here and there and a perennial problem with the near-side headlight. I hope it passes OK on Friday, otherwise I’m going to be running round making frantic arrangements for the weekend…

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