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Back in May, I was complaining about the various companies I had asked to quote for my kitchen not listening to my actual requirements. Or perhaps I should say listening to my requirements, but then completely ignoring them. The fact that what I was asking for was probably the simplest solution (with a floor plan exactly the same as my current kitchen) made this doubly irritating.

Then last week, I posted that my kitchen units were being delivered this weekend (they arrived today, and are now safely stored in my garage), so apparently I have resolved my kitchen installer nightmare.

I have, by the simple expedient of asking my friend Tim, and his dad Nev, to quote for the work, and then giving them the job. Many of you know Tim, but for those of you who don’t, let me simply say that he is an utterly capable guy, and their having agreed to do the work for me is a huge weight off my mind. Furthermore, they are able to use the same kitchen unit supplier as I had already planned to, so this change did not affect the timetable at all – in fact, it improved it.

Have just spent half the morning with Tim, going over the work details and looking at other work they can do for me in the future, as well as drinking tea and trying out my new ukulele. They are currently on another job, but it looks likely I will have the new kitchen fitted by the end of July.

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