Berry, berry good!

A couple of years ago, I planted a thornless blackberry and two raspberry canes. I didn’t expect anything from the the first year, but last year I was hoping for some fruit, but was mostly disappointed.

This year, one of my raspberries is heaving with fruit. The other plant is a later variety, so there is hope for that yet. Meanwhile the blackberry is absolutely covered in flowers and small forming fruits.

Last year, I emptied out my strawberry planter, as it had acquired an ants nest. With one thing and another, I wasn’t going to bother with strawberries this year, but on impulse bought two small plants to put in a wall basket that grew tomatoes (tumblers) last year. The two small plants are now quite large, and it seems like every time I go outside there is another strawberry waiting to be picked.

On a slightly related note, the bird feeder is now filled with sunflower hearts. This is because they don’t grow into unwanted plants when dropped onto my vegetable beds, and also because the birds seem to prefer them to the fruit. Which means I get to pick it before they have a go at it.

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