Pub Prop

Pub Prop
Pub Prop
Picked up this interesting little gadget on eBay. The idea is that you clamp it to a table, in lieu of a proper guitar stand – ideal when playing in pubs and folk clubs, where there isn’t much space. It packs flat into a pocketable bag, and all parts of the clamp are soft rubber, so it is not going to damage table or instrument. It comes with adapters to make it suitable for smaller instruments.

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  1. March 18, 2010

    It’s good, I’ve had one for at least the last five years, but I keep forgetting to move it between guitar cases … particularly good if you’ve got a roundbacked guitar like mine … and as you say, there’s an extra piece of rubber you can stick in if you want to make it into a zouk prop or a fiddle holder.

    Doesn’t work so well with tables that are thin at the edge and get thicker as you move in, and I found it slipping on a table with a curved lip.

    But for a few pounds, a nice little bit of kit.

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