Pass the paper

The ultimate in office recycling?


  1. February 3, 2010

    It perforates it as well? It looked like it.

    I do wonder how much the toilet rolls cost, though, when the cost of the machine and the power to run it is added. But as a way of getting rid of secure documents it would be superb, no one is going to put them back together after that use…

    • chris
      February 3, 2010

      Obviously you would have to be a fairly big company for this to even begin to make sense.

      But given that, the cost of secure (or even non-secure) commercial waste removal is not insignificant for a company of that kind of size. To be able to turn it into a form that can be simply washed down the sewers might have financial advantages even bigger than the saved cost of toilet rolls.

      Having said all of that, you would also want to examine the environmental issues carefully. Just because it looks like toilet tissue, doesn’t mean it would have an identical impact on the sewerage system. The papers that would be going into the machine would be bleached, and contain chalk, clays and other additives for sizing.

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