Garden surviving on autopilot

Another brief trip home, and was pleased to see that the garden – while terribly overgrown (a problem for another day) is still producing veg. I picked another box of sugar snap peas (now too fat to be used as sugar snap, really, but fine when shelled), a few nice courgettes, and a heap of anya potatoes.

I actually tipped out the potato barrel, reather than just harvesting what I wanted, as I don’t know exactly when I will be back again. I might have got more potatoes out of it, but better to grab what I had while I’m around.

Tomato plants are heaving with green tomatoes. Was tempted to pick them as they are and artificially ripen them with a banana, but have left them for now – a neighbour will check them, and make sure nothing will go to waste.

The new pear tree appears to have completely died, but the old one has got some great fruit on it. The fig tree, which had withered before, is now sprouting new growth, so I haven’t given up on the new pear tree yet!

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