Garden Update

Have spent much of today in the garden, making sure it will survive my approaching holiday. The new bed is alive with lettuces and salad greens (and some very healthy-looking Pok Choi), and the last thing I want is it to die off if there is no rain.

The other beds all have soaker hoses buried, fed from a pipe that goes around the garden, and I have just extended this to the new bed. The pipe is normally fed from a pair of water butts, but they are almost empty at the moment. So for the two weeks I am away, I have set up a timed water feed from the mains, to come on for a while, every 3 days. I did have a cunning plan to use the timed mains water feed to simply top up the butts, using a ballcock valve – that way, the mains water would only be used if the butts were empty. But that is a level of complication I haven’t got time for at the moment.

I’ve just planted some replacement courgette plants, in the place of those I disastrously planted early, and I have just set up a second net of sugar snap peas, alongside – not an ideal position, as it is slightly shaded, but I had the plants, and it was the only place free to put them.

Alll I need to do now is plant out my tomato plants in grow bags, and set up their irrigation, but that can be a job for tomorrow.

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