Folk at the George Hotel, Leadenham

Just got back from a terrific folk circle at the George Hotel, Leadenham. Tim and Annie had mentioned it to me, and they were there, as well as Tim’s parents and his sister. A good turnout, about a dozen or so performers, and some listeners.

I only got the word earlier this week, so I hadn’t prepared anything folky for tonight. However, I thought there were some songs in my repertoire that I could get away with. Imagine my horror (and Annie’s amazement) when I managed to dry up on the words to “The Boy In The Room”, not once but twice! (I gave up in the end, and sang something else) Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one forgetting words, and it was a nice layback evening, with everbody having fun.

I dropped another couple of my songs into the evening – “As Close As Night To Day” and “A Mind Such As Mind” and was pleased they went down well. I also sang Kate Rusby’s “Let The Cold Wind Blow” and Kris Kristofferson’s “For The Good Times”.

All in all a spendid evening, and I am hoping to make the next one, on April 16.

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