Month: March 2009

March 31, 2009
It’s been a while since I posted here – a case of being too busy doing things to sit and write about them. I’ve been bringing my garden back into shape for Spring – a little late, but never mind.

This is how my garden looked in 2007, when I first started this project:

March 13, 2009
Some Say I Got Devil – Melanie Safka

Came across this today on, asĀ  a semi-random connection to the Janis Ian songs I was listening to. I remember hearing this when it first came out as the B-side to Melanie’s “Brand New Key” and being much more impressed with it than the A-side.

March 13, 2009
Well, not so much a new toy, rather an new copy of an old one.

On my 21st birthday, oh so many years ago (OK, if you insist – 1980), my parents bought me a new guitar. I had been learning on a second-hand Yamaha classical (which I still have) but wanted a steel-string for the kind of stuff I was playing.

March 13, 2009
March 13, 2009
Just got back from a terrific folk circle at the George Hotel, Leadenham. Tim and Annie had mentioned it to me, and they were there, as well as Tim’s parents and his sister. A good turnout, about a dozen or so performers, and some listeners.

I only got the word earlier this week, so I hadn’t prepared anything folky for tonight. However, I thought there were some songs in my repertoire that I could get away with. Imagine my horror (and Annie’s amazement) when I managed to dry up on the words to “The Boy In The Room”, not once but twice! (I gave up in the end, and sang something else) Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one forgetting words, and it was a nice layback evening, with everbody having fun.

March 9, 2009
I played an interesting game on Saturday, called Android. The game is based in a futuristic world, with distinctly cyberpunk overtones. I felt we should be playing it while listening to the theme from Bladerunner. It involves a murder, and the players are supposed to be finding out who the killer is, but it is much more than that, with politics and corruption involved.

For a first play, it was a bit of a disaster. The events are supposed to take place over a two week period, with 6 days of each week (I suppose even Cyborgs get Sunday off) representing the 12 turns. The game is supposed to take 2-4 hours. I was expecting a bit longer, as we were all new to the game, and we were playing with the maximum 5 players. Even so, after 3 hours, we were only just playing the 4th day of our first week, so I suggested we finished at the end of that week, which we did, about an hour later.

March 9, 2009
I haven’t posted anything to the blog for a couple of weeks. This is because I’ve been taking my website apart, in order to rebuild it.

I will post more about it later, but the short version is this. I have moved my main blog (as hosted on my own domain) from Blogger to Wordpress. With a few plugins, and some adapting of some of the code to my own requirements, not only can I post on my main blog, and see the posts appear immediately on LiveJournal, but I can import comments back from LiveJournal onto my main blog, essentially consolidating the two.