Two steps forward, one step back

Further to my previous post, it turned out that LiveJournal’s handling of custom domains wasn’t as clever as I’d hoped. As a result, I’ve reverted back to Blogger as my main blog.

Although initially LiveJournal’s "domain mapping" looked promising, all it actually appears to do is let me point my domain at it. While the first page presents itself as, if you follow any link off that page, you find yourself on again.

With Blogger, when you publish on a custom domain, it does the job completely. Not only does it accept page requests for a custom domain, but all links in the page served are for that custom domain. As a result, all pages are served within

If you want to see what I mean, compare the following two pages – pointing at my blog on Blogger – pointing at my blog on LiveJournal

and see what happens when you follow links, or even comment.

It may seem a fine point, and some folks may wonder why I am bothering. But if LiveJournal says it can handle custom domains (and I purchased a paid account to do it), it should do the job properly, in my opinion.

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