Additional Photographs

Nearly all of the photographs in this journal were taken with my mobile phone, as its infrared port made it easy to transfer pictures to my Palm for editing and uploading.

However, I was also taking pictures with my Olympus digital camera, and some of these pictures can be seen on these pages:

  1. Pictures of Washington, 2-14 June
  2. Pictures from Conterpoint, 11-13 June
  3. Pictures of Toronto, 15 June
  4. Pictures of Niagara Falls, 16 June
  5. Pictures of Franconia Notch/Cannon Mountain and Boston, 20-21 June
  6. Pictures of Long Island, 23-24 June
  7. Pictures of Philadelphia, 25-27 June
  8. Pictures of Manhattan 28 June 1 July
  9. Pictures from the Staten Island Ferry, 1 July

WARNING: Some of these pages may take some time to load, which is why I have made them individual pages, outside of this journal.

If you met me on my trip and have any photographs of me, I would be pleased to hear from you – I can be emailed via my contact form.

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